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Case Studies

  • Leathered Marble Finish Restored

    Leathered Marble Finish Restored

    Custom leathered finish on marble countertops can be restored using a special set of brushes. See for yourself the quality…


  • Marble Floor Beautifully Refinished

    Marble Floor Beautifully Refinished

    The homeowners did the math and realized that they would save them a lot of money by having the floors…


  • Marble Floor Restoration

    Marble Floor Restoration

    This gorgeous marble floor had become dull and etched


  • Clean and Polish – Marble Floor

    Clean and Polish – Marble Floor

    Damaged marble bathroom floor restored!


  • Marble Etch Removal

    Marble Etch Removal

    Etching is one of the most common problems faced by marble owners. Many mistakenly refer to it as a stain…